The Fall of Mako

The Fall of Mako

The definition of Narcissism

N.B. Vaine, cloudymiro, and There Once Was A Bamboo are the same person.

Eyes on the Enemy

An owner who is corrupt, narcissistic, and arrogant can not sustain a server for very long. From the build-up of tension and anger, the favor has fallen into the hands of the righteous. It has served Vaine right that his server has been deleted. I have no remorse for my server that I have nurtured for over 5 months. Vaine has ruined it physically and mentally in less than a month.

Unprecedented Victory

Vaine right now

Vaine has no one to blame but himself who caused this to happen. Once a friendly place for friends and meeting new people, it has turned into a pay-to-win hellhole, where kids who like to spend enjoy the server. Almost everyone who has talked to me once has expressed their disappointment and hatred for what Mako has turned into.

It serves him right to have the Mako Discord community terminated. I admire the person, whose name I shall not say, who deleted the Mako Discord server. Even though I gained Mako over 500 members, I feel no remorse for this. This is a victory for all of us who wanted Mako gone.

The History of Mako

On April 21, 2020, I founded Mako with the intent to play Minecraft survival with Kobi. Then, I opened the server to the public because I wanted more friends to join us. My intention was to have fun, not to make money off of Mako for a while. In fact, for over 5 months, we operated without donations. It wasn’t because people wouldn’t donate to us, but it is because we didn’t have a donation store.

There were times where we peaked over 40 players, averaged 30 players, which caused the server TPS to suffer severely. We didn’t want to sacrifice gameplay for performance, such as reducing the view distance or mob counts. Instead, we moved onto a more powerful dedicated server, with the most powerful consumer-grade CPU at the time – the Intel Core i9-10900K.

Before we moved servers

Friendships were formed on Mako

Friends and now veterans of Mako have enjoyed the Mako community a lot. If there were any hatred within our community, it would be only outside—from those competitor server owners—who did not like Mako at all.

We have seen our players expressed their love and pride for Mako in the best and worst ways to others. There were live streams and videos about Mako. Other less friendly ways were terrorizing other server communities. Our community was stronger than the owners.

The Incident

All of this started due to a single incident, not two months ago on the fateful day of September 18, 2020. Mari had found out that Kobi had a stash of his credentials in a Discord server. Mari, understandably, was not impressed and split us apart. Kobi disappeared, Mari left and it was just Bun and I to face the cold reality. Although it sounds like Kobi is a bad person, reasons I’ll list later will show it was mostly justified.

The Letter

Mari sent us a letter shortly after the incident. He had exiled himself until sometime in 2021, at least that was the plan that he had written. At the time, the contents of it seemed genuine – and parts of it still do today – but the overarching message of it was suspicious. The reason he appointed Vaine as the owner of the server was because he believed we could do greater than just hosting a Minecraft server: Foxomy.

The Emergence of Vaine

As time went by, Mako was making lots of money but was getting worse at the same time. Many veterans have left Mako because of Vaine’s totalitarian and arrogant leadership. We all expressed our disappointment for Mako. Vaine never listened and kept making money.

Vaine does not care about his players at all. He does not care about gaining members. Mako and its entire community were completely inherited from me. Vaine never actually put any effort to grow or advertise Mako. Vaine neglects the server just a little bit less than Mari does.

Foxomy’s Humble Beginnings and Strife

We set to work on fulfilling Mari’s wish. Our first prototype, SummerFox, was the real basis of our business – but it was flawed and we discarded it to the wind to move onto Foxomy. I always loved a bit of Linux system administration, so setting up and maintaining Foxomy has been fun.

But there came a problem. Vaine was getting greedy. Not only in just the donations on the withered husk of Mako but also in the dedicated server that Mari had left us. Despite having a small server averaging only 10 players, Vaine wanted a multitude of servers: bungee proxies, prison, creative, etc. He kept begging us to upgrade the ram despite our hesitance.

You do NOT need more than 64 GB for your small server.
Bun even lied to him that the host doesn’t offer anything above 64 GB

When we finally complied with his request to upgrade the RAM, he did not greet us nicely. The server was down for more than 12 hours due to the upgrade. It was not our fault in any way, yet he kept blaming us. It was his choice to upgrade the RAM despite our reluctance.

Bun is extremely conservative with our funds

Vaine also told us that he has already purchased another dedicated server from OVH with DTucker, effectively parting from us. When he said that, we thought we were finally at peace because Vaine was gone. I did not care if we lose the server’s funding from Vaine, it’s dirty money and my merit will never accept that. However, he took back his words and wanted the dedicated server back.

False hope

The Start of Vaine’s Insolence

I always kind of disliked Vaine since the beginning, something had put me off with just chatting to him. But during a RAM upgrade on the server to 128 GiB, it became clear Vaine was an unhealthy fit and I despised working with him. He was spamming and insulting us for having downtime of 12 hours. Do mind that our ACTUAL, legitimate customers at the time had no issues with this, we even compensated them for the unnaturally long downtime.

Vaine also insulted us heavily for making almost no money in the beginning. He would make memes and jokes like “MAKO $300 vs FOXOMY $0” with mocking emojis and would try to assert himself as the owner of the dedicated server since he paid for the first month after Mari left. This abuse was frankly unneeded, and only furthered the sour taste I had of Vaine.

This is where bells in my head started going off – which was now in hindsight me detecting his overwhelmingly large ego and sense of entitlement, which in the broader scope was signs of his narcissism that would only be exacerbated the more this went on.

Vaine’s Horrific Personality

Vaine is a megalomaniac who is obsessed with power. Power corrupts people. Vaine bans people left and right, even his top donators. He also implemented more draconian security measures in his discord server like slowmode chat and the Mako verification bot. One thing megalomaniacs hate is getting humiliated. If you do not submit to them, they will break.

Vaine on a power trip

When I was shit-talking about Vaine, Bun told me to stop, or Vaine would snap. When Bun posted a video of him transferring the discord server ownership, he immediately told Bun to take it down.

“The video” Bun posted

This takes me to the next point, which is that Vaine is extremely insecure. When Bun posted an announcement showcasing the new panel, Vaine aggressively DMs him. Bun was careful only to use passive wording because Vaine criticizes us for every little thing we do.


Vaine clings onto Mako like his baby. We did notice that he transferred ownership back and forth with his friend TwelveInchMan (Fady). Eventually, Vaine claimed ownership just when he got terminated.

Definition of Narcissism from Wikipedia

Vaine is undoubtedly a narcissist. He fits all the criteria of a narcissist. On one day, Vaine brags about how he peaked 25 players, while that was normal for us on many days. On multiple occasions, he claims that Mako wouldn’t be a thing if it weren’t for Vaine. Vaine has deliberately told us his good qualities, such as truthful, honest, and trustworthy. Someone who is truthful does not brag that they are truthful.

Without us, Mako would have never existed, and you, Vaine, would never be thing.
That was rude.

Vaine urges his players to donate large sums of money. Even if Vaine is joking, this is not funny. He has no empathy for his donators, who have been scammed when they got banned.

The Dark Side of Vaine

Vaine can get worse than his personality. He goes as far as to doxxing his players and even his staff team. He defends his act of doxxing by saying that they are rule-breakers who were banned from his server. He also leaks his player’s IP.

Bun was extremely reluctant to his “doxxing” requests
DTucker is his co-manager
I gave TheRealWholethBZD a NordVPN account to protect him from people like Vaine.

He insults his staff members as well – even going as far as calling DTucker a pedophile after a falling out between them. These types of baseless accusations have no place in this world, especially when they are used in a personal attack.

This message was targeted at DTucker

But they are rule-breakers!

Vaine brought this upon himself and Mako. It is okay to create war outside of the Mako community, but when there is civil unrest inside your community, you have failed your players.

If he treated everyone as a friend, not a dollar sign, then this would never happen. When I owned Mako, we have never banned anyone. All of my players were happy. I personally get to talk and bond with everyone in Mako. There was never any tension or hard feelings between the owners and players.

Today, Mako is as toxic as it can get. The people who Vaine has banned wrongfully are seeking revenge on Mako. The community that still supports Vaine shows how depressing Mako is.

Doxxing people is not only unethical but is illegal. I am against doxxing my players. I even gave a player, before he got banned and doxxed, a NordVPN account. When I owned Mako, player privacy was important to me. Nobody, not even our staff, could see our players’ IP addresses. Privacy and security are my core beliefs.

Mari’s Comeback

A day before we launched a massive advertising campaign on Foxomy, October 18th, Mari came back. This was a joyful moment for both Bun and I, but it became clear this was not what we had hoped for. Mari wanted to fix Mako, which we both made arguments against, seeing as the server was a desolate wasteland and its brand was tainted beyond recognition. Despite this, Mari still “tried” to fix it and returned not two months after the incident.

I also feel as if Mari’s return was contrived. It cannot be a coincidence that he returns the day we are about to begin the largest advertising campaign. I do not want to believe that Mari wants us to fail, but it’s a possibility. Almost as if he is stunting our growth.

He had told us he was going to usurp the leadership of Vaine and take it back for himself which we were fine with; except for the fact this never happened. Every day it was more and more stark that Mari was in bed with Vaine and did not care for our wishes – mind you, we were his longstanding friends for some time whilst Vaine was an outsider, a newcomer.

Bun’s Disappearance

Vaine was agonizing us about Mako, so both of us coincidentally decided to go offline. Bun went hiding first before I did. We could not stand seeing Mako, once a community where we nourished and loved, be destroyed by a despicable owner. It mentally hurts us to see friends and players being banned and oppressed by Vaine.

We have accumulated over 20 friends from Mako who were all against Vaine’s unruly practices. For almost 2 weeks, we spent hours having formal discussions about Vaine, Mako, and Foxomy. We share the same beliefs and expressed our upmost hatred for Vaine.

Bun never actually checks or responds to his text messages, so I was responsible for replying to Mari. Hence, my meticulous responses:


This is where things really fell into place and the engines of contempt started turning. Mari revealed that he had been talking to Vaine on an alt ever since he had left us on the day of the incident. He had chosen not to talk to his actual friends, but Vaine. This, we felt, was extremely disrespectful to us and where I started to call into question the authenticity of the letter Mari had given us – and if Vaine was chosen for some insidious purpose to spite us.

Later it was found that Mari was spying on us the entire time using Bun’s Discord token. He feigned innocence in our direct messages and knowledge that he directly knew he acted as if he didn’t. We felt as if our privacy had been violated – and it had. This is where the hypocrisy comes in: Mari spying on us the entire time he had “left” was very similar to the entire preface of the incident that split us in the first place.

Kobi’s Return

By some miraculous chance, Kobi came back. This is the person in question who caused the incident, and initially, I was hostile towards them but that attitude changed due to the new light on Vaine and Mari. These revelations effectively canceled everything out, and we decided to give him the reigns of Foxomy.

The panel we developed for ourselves, and later Kobi to use

Above is the panel we developed to help ease our administration. As Kobi is not as proficient in Linux sysadmin as we are, the Foxomy Spaceship was perfect for him – and it’s not like he would be taking control permanently. The panel allows Kobi to manage our servers and pay the invoices on different services, all without giving him direct access to any account or sensitive information on the platforms in question.

At the present, we have revoked Kobi’s access and dismissed him after he has shown signs of Vaine-alike personalities. Despite this, he was much better than Vaine and acknowledged our reasons.

The Destruction of Foxomy

Vaine has tried to sabotage Foxomy in its early days. We received negative ratings on MC-Market due to Vaine’s unprofessional behavior and spread of false information.

Ironic to say that we log IPs when Vaine, in fact, leaks IP, doxxes, and DDoSes people
tenhag is Vaine’s alt

Thankfully Sahri sided with us after we hearing our side of the story, including Mako and everything leading up to this point. He felt sorry for Vaine’s IQ after hearing “its a big ip logging scheme.”

Vaine has also tried to get a full refund on this month’s dedicated server, refuting his gratitude he offered Bun before.

Unfortunately today, something grave has happened. As we woke up today, we had found that our panel was not responding and the dfw1 server had been ripped from our grasp. As the main panel and a node were hosted on dfw1, it is with a heavy heart to say that Foxomy is dead for the time being. Do not fret however, we will come back in the future, but the time is uncertain.

Mari has given Vaine access to the server and wiped everything, most likely so Vaine can use it for the despondent Mako. Quite ironic considering Mari wanted us to do something greater (Foxomy) but then destroys our work and gives it to Vaine. Truly scornful behavior that deserves to be abhorred.

Closing words

If you support Vaine/cloudymiro, then you are the victim. I speak for what is right for my friends who represent the majority of Mako. I talk to each and every one of them as a friend, not a power-hungry tyrant.

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