The “Return” of Vaine

The “Return” of Vaine

This article was written to address the speculations and false accusations around Foxomy.

Vaine’s aliases:
There Once Was A Bamboo

Why We Are Doing This

If someone hits you, would you hit them back? Or would you run away like a coward?

Also, many tasks are also automated and doesn’t lift a finger to execute those actions against Vaine. The guns are already loaded. No one is getting monetary compensation to do this.

Stop Framing One Man

We are a team of 24 members. Ilomantis and Bun are no longer relevant, so please stop contacting them, especially Ilomantis. They do pay for the server expenses, but they remained humble and curious.

There are countless days of effort into developing tools and providing us with workstation resources. It’s extremely disrespectful to contact them for these old childish matters. No action will be taken from their side as the team is extremely liberal.

Vaine’s Atrocious Persistency

Vaine has constantly been damaging Foxomy’s reputation ever since the beginning with baseless accusations of DDoS and doxxing. He has never stop targeting Foxomy. Ironically, he doxxed Bun on MC-Market and got himself banned. One of his main accusations was us “lying about hardware.” Little does Vaine knows, we own a dedicated server that’s sitting in San Francisco.

In the month of November, Vaine trashed our thread ( on MC-Market. Here are some of his messages:

Vaine flexes his wealth and power.
Vaine devouching Foxomy through alts.
Seems like Vaine does not know businesses work.
In this message, Vaine posted Bun’s IP and location using the /seen command.
Vaine does not appreciate furries.
In this message, Vaine found Bun’s school.

Vaine was bullying Bun for being a furry on MC-Market. Bun has politely responded to him during all times, but Vaine was bashing him in every response. The moderators removed his replies, but that won’t stop him from coming back on alts.

Even after Vaine and Mako have supposedly “disappeared,” he still lurks in our Discord server and sways our clients away. He still harasses Bun on MC-Market. If this won’t stop, then we won’t stop. Fair game?

Mari is Laughable and Pathetic

Mari has never come forward with us, so neither will we. We have already parted ways per the lack of communication. There is no reason for anyone to contact Mari again.

We had already migrated all of the client’s data to the new server before Mari gave Vaine access. Of course, there has been a lot of misinformation because Vaine was never transparent or has been under anyone’s thumb. Vaine is our middleman between Mari and us. Since Mari loves Vaine so much, he’ll listen to and believes in that hogwash.

It’s plausible how they described themselves to us. The psychological term is called projection (

Mari’s words sent by Vaine

Mari thinks of himself so highly that he could not possibly be a racist incel, meanwhile, he is because he is projecting that anger onto us.

Showing any sort of sympathy or obedience towards Vaine is despicable. We laugh off every message that Mari has sent to Ilomantis because:
1. It’s not always Ilomantis.
2. Ignorance and misinformation are gold.
3. Mari is embarrassing himself.

Discovering More of Vaine’s Malice

Vaine has asked misterdrd, a player who donated $153, for his credit card number. Fortunately, He was wise to not give Vaine his real credit card number.

Vaine has threatened to steal misterdrd’s bank information if he ever initiates a PayPal dispute against him.

It’s ultimately up to the player‘s decision to decide whether they want to open a dispute or not. It was not Bun’s fault; he was merely suggesting and helping his players from fraud.

At this point, there’s no reason for any of us to stop inquiring about Vaine. He has stained his image and lived up to the definition of his name.

The Zombie has arisen

On December 11, we were notified by our monitoring systems that his server was online. The tool automatically locked on to his server in the first few seconds. No human intervention or labor was needed. And as usual, Vaine was asking for help installing Pterodactyl in the Pterodactyl Discord, which gave us even more opportunities.


It began two days after Vaine’s server was obliterated. We opened EquinoxMC for former Mako players to enjoy. We can finally be rest assured that Mako is no longer a competitor or threat to us. We also secured 500 members within the first month, a fraction of how long it took for Mako—5 months.

However, we weren’t ready to rest. We have a premonition that Vaine might be returning next month (which turned out to be true). During this time, we have developed many tools or now software during the first week. Some even say we spent too much time on making this tool. Once a simple NodeJS terminal turned into a full-blown web panel that connects to the internet of things.

Before anyone relates this to the topic of obsession, we are free most of our time. Instead of playing Minecraft, we are building and training ourselves for real-world job skills by developing custom tools and web applications. The main functionality was done in 2 days, perfected panel on day 6, and extra features were added throughout time. And as per our beliefs, innovation is a nonstop process.

For security purposes, we wish we could, but we are not allowed to share any images of our overly engineered tool nor explain the specific workings. In the meantime, please enjoy this message:

please revise this article and publish it asap -consoom

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