Why We Don’t Trust TrustPilot

Why We Don’t Trust TrustPilot

And why you shouldn’t trust “Trust”Pilot too.

Some of our friends over on Discord have suggested us to make a TrustPilot page to boost our reputation, but we happily tell them that we don’t do that here. And if a TrustPilot page is ever created for us, we will pursue to the highest extent of their violations to take it down.

Business and SEO wise, we have to make some compromises in order to promote our business. We have a few exceptions, such as our Minecraft plans page, but TrustPilot is not one of them and will never be.

Let me tell you why we are against TrustPilot:

  1. Business owners can report and take down negative reviews from TrustPilot.
  2. Reviews are too simple, short, and not thorough enough.
  3. TrustPilot side with the business, not the consumer.

Many reviewers have had their legitimate negative reviews removed by Trustpilot. Negative reviews on TrustPilot are often reported by the business owner for being “false” or “fake.” Hence, they get taken down for that very reason.

TrustPilot and the business owners ignore positive 5-star reviews because they do not care about them. Positive reviews do not raise any suspicions but negative reviews do. A simple 10-word long 5-star positive review on TrustPilot is fine, but a multi-paragraph 1-star negative review on TrustPilot isn’t?

Here is my defense against “fake” reviews on TrustPilot and why they are not fake:

The business owner must have committed a sinful action for someone (the consumer) to spend their evening writing a critical review. A negative review doesn’t come from nowhere. It comes from hatred and the past of what that business owner has done to them. There are no excuses for this because this is the genuine experience that business owners are fiercely trying to hide.

Fake positive reviews don’t get taken down, but “fake” negative reviews do get taken down. This is what’s wrong with TrustPilot and why you should not trust it.

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Yup. Companies Informing their customers to leave them 5 star reviews. 1 example is debt settlement company Clear One Advantage. Just look up their ratings throughout various rating sites… Then check out trust pilot. Notice any difference? How about the company just tries to improve on its own instead of relying on “Pushed” and “suggested” 5 star reviews? Also come on notice that the reviews with low ratings are filled with details in paragraphs and the 5 star reviews are simply 1 sentence or 2. Makes you go Hmmm…

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