Minecraft Plans

Bat Plan<br /><noscript><img style=

Bat Plan
1 GB

Recommended Slots: 10
Otter Plan<br /><noscript><img style=

Otter Plan
2 GB

Recommended Slots: 20
Wolf Plan<br /><noscript><img style=

Wolf Plan
3 GB

Recommended Slots: 30
Lynx Plan<br /><noscript><img style=

Lynx Plan
4 GB

Recommended Slots: 40
Moose Plan<br /><noscript><img style=

Moose Plan
5 GB

Recommended Slots: 50
Hyena Plan<br /><noscript><img style=

Hyena Plan
6 GB

Recommended Slots: 60
Kangaroo Plan<br /><noscript><img style=

Kangaroo Plan
7 GB

Recommended Slots: 70
Cheetah Plan<br /><noscript><img style=

Cheetah Plan
8 GB

Recommended Slots: 80
Particle element
Great for large communities!
Fox Plan<br /><noscript><img style=

Fox Plan
10 GB

Recommended Slots: 100
Particle element
Great for heavy modpacks!
Lion Plan<br /><noscript><img style=

Lion Plan
16 GB

Recommended Slots: 160
Particle element
For the largest communities!
Tiger Plan<br /><noscript><img style=

Tiger Plan
20 GB

Recommended Slots: 200

Server Location

1515 Round Table Dr, Dallas, TX 75247, USA
Tier 4 Datacenter
99.99% Uptime
INAP and Level 3 Intelligent Peering
Unmetered DDoS Protection

Included in Panel

Latest Pterodactyl Panel
Unmetered Threads
10 MySQL Databases
10 Port Allocations
3 Backups (Rotations Possible)

1 GB

$6.00/3 months

2 GB


3 GB


4 GB


5 GB


6 GB


7 GB


8 GB


10 GB


16 GB


20 GB


Need help deciding?

Please don’t join the Discord server. It gets raided on a daily basis.

North Texas Datacenter

Our servers are in strategically chosen datacenters locations. This central US location is optimal for connections all across North and South America. Many players will enjoy exceptional latency (~50 ms) whether they are in West coast or East coast.

Chunk Loading Test

This video displays the raw performance in real-time, unedited and not sped up raw footage. The plugin TabTPS measured the TPS and MSPT, which stayed consistent throughout the test.

We set the flying speed to 10 (maximum) and random teleported several times to coordinates in the millions to show you that the chunks were not pre-generated.


Gaming Processors in a Server-Grade Environment

A server should perform as well as a high-end gaming computer with quality RAM, NVMe SSD, and cooling. The Intel Core i9-10900K OC is our flagship CPU. All servers are equipped with a processor no less powerful than the Intel Core i9-10900K.

Premium DDoS-Protected Network

All of our servers are connected to multiple 1 Gbps ports, with uplinks burstable to 2 Gbps+. The speedtest was taken inside of a Windows KVM at our Dallas location.

We peer with the Voxility, InterNAP, and Level 3 to ensure the best connection across North America, Latin America, and Europe. We have a capacity of 1 Tbps+ of in-house layer 4 and 7 DDoS filtering.