Sub Domain Creator

Your subdomain will be: .
Free to Use
The subdomain service is completely free to use.
Over 99.99% Uptime
Several DNS servers ensure redudancy and reliability.
Hide Your Port
No more entering port numbers.
Fast Propagation
Low TTL (Time-To-Live) value of 1 second.
No Registration Required
The subdomain service is open to the public.
Personal information is never shared with others.

Why a subdomain creator?

Subdomains are easier to remember and recognize.

Don’t own a domain?

You can use our free subdomain creator for your Minecraft server, especially if you don’t own a domain.

Can’t remember your server IP?

Forget numerical IP addresses and port numbers. Let your players connect to your Minecraft server with just the subdomain.

Need help?

Reach out to us!

Questions and Answers

Why isn't my subdomain working?
For most users, it should start working instantly. Even though our TTL is 1 second, some ISPs may not be able to resolve our DNS fast enough.
Do you keep logs?
No. We never log DNS queries. Your email, server IP, port, and server name are used for operational purposes only.
How do I delete my subdomain?
We will send you an email with a link to delete your subdomain. If you lose the email, you can contact us to remove the subdomain at any time.
Will this hide my server IP?
No. Your subdomain can still be resolved to a numerical IP because that is how the internet works.