The Future

  Hey all,   The growth of Foxomy has been slow lately. The truth is that the current state of our growth and profits does not allow us to acquire better hardware at this time. In fact, we are getting sick of the same old 10900K servers. We all dread for something more powerful such as Intel’s 12th generation.    So, what is this about? ...

New Subdomain Creator

Hewwo, We now have a subdomain creator that anyone can use. Get started here: We know it’s been a long time since our last announcement, but we don’t want to announce the usual news that our Discord server was embarrassingly terminated for the 9th time this year. We would also love getting to know our ...

Discord Server Terminated Again

Someone has reported and terminated our Discord server again. 


Free web hosting included for every client with an active service


We released web hosting. If you have a Minecraft server service, you can get web hosting for free with the code WEB for 100% off recurring.

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